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My fellow Parishioners:


Cristos Anasti, Christ has risen. As we celebrate the Feast of Feasts, let us not forget those less fortunate, let us not forget those who have passed, during these holy days of prayer and fasting, let us one and all give thanks to Jesus Christ our lord and savior for the blessings he has bestowed upon us. We cannot go to church on Sunday and hear the gospel, receive the sacraments and join in our fellowship after, we must think of those who are ill and not able to attend, those who are shut in for one reason or another, how can we as Christians make their lives better. Every one we meet on the avenue or at a gathering, he or she is fighting their own individual battle. A kind word, a telephone call, a card or short note to say I am thinking of you, a small gesture, can raise their spirits. Keep these people in your prayers.


Liz Maravelas, Council President


Good Morning GOD

You are ushering in another day untouched and freshly new, so here I come to ask You God if you’ll renew me too.


Forgive the many errors that I made yesterday, and let me try again dear God, to walk closer in Thy way.


But Father, I am well aware I can’t make it on my own, so take my hand and hold it tight  For I can’t walk alone..



If you come late for church services, remember you are not to enter into the church during the Gospel Reading, Creed, Consecration or the Lord’s Prayer. This is out of respect.


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Services Schedule:

(Orthos at 9 a.m. – Services at 10 a.m. Both locations)


MAY 7               NEW BERN  -  Sunday of the Paralytic

MAY 14             WINTERVILLE – Sunday of the Samaritan Woman

MAY 21             WINTERVILLE -  Sunday of Blind Man

MAY 28             NO CHURCH

JUNE 4              NEW BERN       -  Pentecost

JUNE 11            NO CHURCH

JUNE 18            WINTERVILLE – 2ndSunday of Matthew

JUNE 25            NO CHURCH

JULY 2               NO CHURCH

JULY 9               NEW BERN     – 5th Sunday of Matthew

JULY 16             NO CHURCH

JULY 23             WINTERVILLE – 7th Sunday of Matthew

JULY 30           NO CHURCH

AUG 6              NEW BERN         -

AUG 13            NO CHURCH

AUG 20            WINTERVILLE

Prayer Lists

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Fr. Regis would like to have a prayer list from each family so that your loved ones can be commemorated during every celebration of the Divine Liturgy. Please mail it to the church or fill out a sheet kept in our church. Be sure to list the names of your loved one in two separate columns for both the living and the departed.
Thank you.