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 The cooler crisp autumn season is upon us and soon we will be entering the Season of Preparation… you might respond or be thinking…“oh the preparation for Christmas? Preparation when we go and buy gifts for our loved ones!” No my beloved ones, I refer to the spiritual preparation for the wonderful celebration of our Lord‘s Nativity!

You see the Church in Her infinite wisdom has set aside various times to prepare for these Great Feast Days. As we contemplate our gift giving and social gatherings, let us prioritize and contemplate our spiritual planning first and foremost.

On November 15 the period of spiritual preparation commences. Though not as austere as the Great Lenten season, this period is also a time of fasting and increased prayer… And let us not forget the season of giving, not just to our loved ones but to those less fortunate than ourselves.

In the secular society it seems that the celebration precedes the Blessed Feast Day, but the Church has designated the 12 days from Christmas to Epiphany for the celebration of this Blessed Feast. The secular society in which we live has reversed that with all the celebration taking place before the feast day and as of December 26 the trees come down and the festive music stops.

Have we ever thought that most everyone gets presents on their birthday… Is it not Jesus’ birthday? Have we ever thought to give Him a special gift by donating an extra special something to His Holy Church?

If you have not done it in the past let these 40 days be a spiritual time in preparation of the birth of salvation when God becomes a man and opens to us the door to eternal life and salvation! May we joyously and triumphantly celebrate this glorious wonderful feast day of the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!




Prayer Lists

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Fr. Regis would like to have a prayer list from each family so that your loved ones can be commemorated during every celebration of the Divine Liturgy. Please mail it to the church or fill out a sheet kept in our church. Be sure to list the names of your loved one in two separate columns for both the living and the departed.
Thank you.