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It’s hard to believe that summer is almost…But happy that the two weeks of rain are also over! I was getting ready to build an ark!

On September 1 we began the New Church Year. As in the secular tradition on New Year’s Day, we make certain resolutions. Likewise with the beginning of the New Church Year we should be thinking about how our spiritual growth is progressing. In examining our progress, we should also uncover our spiritual deficiencies. When we have identified where we have fallen short of the glory of God, we can resolve to make certain adjustments and improvements.

As many of us know we are created in God’s image but we are trying to achieve His likeness and become more Godlike, more Christlike. Collectively as the body of Christ, I see one great deficiency in our small struggling mission parish. Our attendance is not as strong as it should be. Of course we see many of the same familiar faces of the faithful who attend Sunday after Sunday. Nevertheless when I look at our mailing list, it grieves me to see so many that do not attend at all. I fear for the spiritual well-being of those individuals who do not find it necessary or important to worship our Lord in the communal context of the liturgy. You might say that father I can pray at home and of course you can and you should but the body of Christ is made up of all of us collectively.

A very wise man once said “One Christian is no Christian”. Fellow church members used to ask my mother a blessed memory “Mary, why do you come to church every Sunday, go to Bible studies and prayer meeting, and read your Bible all the time”. She would respond “I am studying for my finals”. Our finals will be on judgment day my dear brothers and sisters!

Let us resolve in this new church year to worship during the liturgy frequently as it is great blessing and will give us strength and assist us in preparing for Eternal Life!

Prayer Lists

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Fr. Regis would like to have a prayer list from each family so that your loved ones can be commemorated during every celebration of the Divine Liturgy. Please mail it to the church or fill out a sheet kept in our church. Be sure to list the names of your loved one in two separate columns for both the living and the departed.
Thank you.