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Lenten Letter

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Dear Parishioners,

Welcome to Great Lent for 2019.  We had a wonderful service yesterday with Fr. Andrew who set us forth on a thoughtful and enlightened Lenten journey.

Anyone that would like to have baskets blessed, please try to have them at church by 7:00 PM so that they can be placed at the front of church.

For the church’s policy and recommendation on fasting for lay people, click here:

Here are some questions and answers about fasting provided by the OCA (not GOARCH our church) which you may find helpful:

Finally, here is a list of foods that are okay to eat for orthodox lent:

 Manny Zervos

Council President



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Dearly beloved members of Holy Apostles Mission


We are nearly one month into the New Year and I pray that this has been a fantastic start to yet another year of our Lord. Soon we will enter the pre-Lenten and Lenten season, a blessed time to have self examination and look into our hearts and souls to grow in the Lord.


In progressing into the New Year and the Lenten season, I would like to see our mission become more organized and implement some of the important procedural tools to help us grow as a community. We are currently developing a church calendar reviving some former events and activities and scheduling a monthly parish council meeting and two General Assembly meetings. These tools are prescribed by the Archdiocese and Metropolis to help in accomplishing a more cohesive community for continued growth of our beloved Mission. (See below for additional instruction)


May God bestow upon you and your family many blessing.  I am praying for a very fruitful healthy and successful New Year.



 Special Message from Rev. Fr. Regis Regarding Church Etiquette


 Please remember when entering church if the Priest is facing out  - reading the Gospel or in one of processions or blessing the congregation or censing, please do not attempt to find a seat or enter the alter area, but rather wait till the priest re-enters the altar before you find a seat or have to enter the alter area. Additionally, please turn off your cell phones or put them on vibrate and do not use them during the worship service. If you must use them, please exit the building… this obviously becomes a distraction in our worship service.


I ask for your prayers and participation in implementing these new and former tools which will help our mission grow.