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As the summer is quickly approaching, let us not forget that our Lord never takes a vacation from us; let us not take a vacation from Church and our Lord! During the summer months (June, July, & August) we only have two services each month, one in New Bern and one in Winterville. As many of you know, our Mission is experiencing financial constraints and your participation is extremely important not only spiritually and morally, but also financially. We were encouraged during this past Good Friday and Pascha Saturday evening that we had good participation and the contributions were also up over previous years. Then the following weekend we were very blessed with the second best Pirate Fest, again not only financially, but with great participation and cooperation. Everyone worked so well together in a spirit of love and Christian unity and fellowship. We have also been blessed to welcome several new families and individuals in our worship and during their participation in the Pirate Fest. I am completing my seventh year in the service of our Mission and I would beseech you to keep the Mission foremost in your minds and prayers and also give generously towards its continued success and growth. Remember this is for the Glory of God… we praise, worship, and give Him thanks through our efforts and undertakings.  May our Lord always bless us and strengthen our efforts for His Holy Church!!

On behalf of the Parish Council we would like to thank everyone who helped make the Pirate Fest a complete success. With the help of all the donations and the man power we had in working the pirate fest it is bringing our Orthodox family together.

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